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Whether your roof leaks or just looking a bit tired, replacing or repairing your old roof is an investment that will pay off in the long run. And when you choose New Roof Glencullen for quality roof repairs and installations, you can trust that your new roof will last for years to come.

No matter what kind of roofing materials you’re looking for, we have everything you need to install a durable, long-lasting solution. From shingles to tiles and more, we have the expertise needed to deliver top-notch quality work on any type of roofing system. Plus, our team of professionals is available to provide exceptional customer service.




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Additional Services

Our roofing experts in Glencullen can help with any kind of damage or issue and offer high-quality services that will make your home look its best! We offer a range of services from gutter repairs to tiling, so you can be sure that we have it covered. We also have onsite inspections so you know exactly what needs to be done and when, making us the perfect choice for any homeowner.

4 reasons why to choose new roof

Affordable Option

New Roof is the affordable option for you. We have been providing high-quality roofing services in Glencullen for years, and we are committed to our mission of ensuring that homeowners and companies get the best value possible. Our team has decades of experience, and we only use the highest quality materials when installing your new roof.

Free Same Day Quote

Whether it's a new roof or an older one, a leaky roof can be extremely frustrating. Luckily, we have a team of experts who can help you get the problem fixed fast. With our free same-day quote, you won't have to spend hours searching online. We can estimate your roof's condition in just a few hours. If there is an emergency, we'll be at home in 30 minutes.

10 Years Guarantee

When it comes to your home's biggest investment, security is key. That's why we offer up-front pricing and industry-leading warranties on our roofs and chimneys - so you can feel confident that you're getting the most for your hard-earned money. Plus, our commitment to quality means that we only employ experts who know their craft inside and out.

Reliable Service

New Roof is synonymous with quality. If you've got a roof that needs replacing, we can help you find the right one for your home. We have access to the latest products, so we can provide you with a roof that will stand up to the wear and tear of daily life. Don't settle for anything less than the best when it comes to keeping your home safe.


Things can get pretty hectic during an emergency. That’s why it’s crucial to have a reliable team of professionals on standby in order to restore peace of mind and safety as quickly as possible. Our emergency roofing services in Glencullen understand this, which is why we focus on quality service and custom solutions for every job.

We have the experience and knowledge necessary to handle any kind of repair or replacement, so you can rest assured that your home will be safe and secure once again. Whether you need roof repairs or a new installation, we are here to help with all your needs.

why choose us

We know what it takes to restore your roof in the shortest possible time. With our quality workmanship, you can be sure that your old roof will look brand new once again. Plus, we offer top-notch customer service so you can feel at ease knowing that you’re getting the best possible service from us.

We have years of experience in the field, so we know exactly what it takes to get the job done right. From leaky roofs to damaged shingles, we can take care of it all. Plus, our quality workmanship is guaranteed so you can be certain that you’re getting the best possible service.

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We guarantee 100% privacy. Your info will not be shared.

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Our Happy Customeres
We had a leak in our roof and needed to replace the gutters. We called New Roof Contractors and they sent out two guys to do the job. They were very professional, neat, polite and did a great job. The price was more than reasonable.
I've used New Roof Contractors to do all of my roofing and home repair needs. I have never been disappointed with their work. They are very professional, polite, and courteous when they are working on your house or property.
Excellent job and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a New Roof! I have used them for years and would recommend them to anyone looking for roofing services in the area of Dublin.


Don't wait! Get a FREE quote

If you’re in need of emergency roof repairs, don’t wait! Get a quote now from our team and experience the best quality services in Dublin. We use the latest techniques and equipment to repair roofs quickly and efficiently – so you can rest assured that your home will be safe as soon as possible. So if you have any suspicions that your roof is damaged, or just want to speak to a roofer about your roofing needs, don’t hesitate to call us immediately. We’ll get the job done fast – so you can start living normally again as soon as possible!

Our certifications and warranty

Our Certification

  • Level 3 NVQ Roofing Qualifications
  • Work at Heights (WAH) Certified
  • Certified for Aerial Lifting
  • Safe Pass Qualified workers
  • Trained in First Aid Qualified
  • Full Insurance Cover
  • Construction Skills Certification Scheme
  • Trained in Installation of Single Ply Systems

10 Year Insurance Guarantees

To ensure your safety, we guarantee our own warranties. No matter what happens, you'll be protected for 10 years! Guaranteed.


If you have water coming through the roof, or if there is any sign of damage, you should call a Dublin roofing company as soon as possible. Additionally, if you are looking for roof repairs or want to start a new project, get in touch for a free quote today.

Leaks can be fixed with roof repairs services, The best way to determine the severity of a roof leak is to contact a roofing contractor and have them assess the roof for possible repair work.

Roofing can be categorized by the material it is made from corrugated metal roofing, flat roofing, slate roofing, shingles, and fiberglass roofing services. Roofing types differ in terms of how they are installed, their water and wind resistance, their durability and repairability, and their cost.

You can repair or replace roofing, gutters, downpipes, and flashing if your roof is in need of maintenance, repair, or improvement.

You should always get a Dublin roofing contractors to repair your roof. The roofing materials are extremely dangerous if they are not properly installed and maintained.

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