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New Roof’s mission is to provide a comprehensive Roofing installation and repair service for residential and commercial markets.

Specifically, the company will:

  • To track and assess the effectiveness of its business operations and goals, management reviews and the internal audit process should be used.
  • By proactively seeking consumer feedback on how well their service satisfies their demands, businesses may track customer satisfaction and set targets for continual improvement.
  • Determine the underlying reason for any issue or complaint, then take action to stop it from happening again.
  • Choose suppliers that help the company generate and provide trustworthy performance, and work closely with them.
  • Create an environment at work that encourages positive teamwork and the welfare of its employees.
  • Make sure the company complies with all relevant legal and regulatory standards.
  • The success of the company’s quality management system must be continually improved, and all employees must support this effort as an integral part of their everyday work.



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