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Which Do I Need: A Roofing Estimate or a Roofing Inspection?


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Are you looking for a roofing estimate or a roofing inspection? Or you are not clear on what your roof needs exactly?

Don’t worry, we understand you.Many people tend to confuse both terms and do not know when they need one or the other.

Each option answers specific problems so it is important to learn how to differentiate between them.

Keep reading and here you will learn what each one consists of. Its pros, its cons, and the difference between the two.

What Is a Roofing Estimate?

roofing estimate

A roofing estimate, also known as a roofing bid, is a document made by a roofer. It contains all the details a person could need to solve a roofing problem.

Although they vary in length and format, roofing estimates should always contain the following details:

  • A detailed breakdown of all labour and material costs for each project stage.
  • Information about shingles, venting, subflooring, flashing, and all materials will be used.
  • An explanation of who is in charge of monitoring the project and getting paid.
  • Basic information on how to reach all parties involved.
  • A schedule for the project with an approximate start and completion date.
    Payment conditions.
  • Proof of certification, liability insurance, and worker’s compensation. This is only when appropriate. (Some states request this)
  • A plan to replace the deck, if necessary.
  • Guarantees of quality of products and works.

At this point, you may be wondering how much money you have to pay to request a roof estimate.

Here I share you some information.

Are roof estimates free?

Some companies often offer free estimates. Other companies demand payment for the time they spend doing the calculations and approximations.

In general, they are free or have a very low cost. This is only when estimations are carried out by the company that will execute the project.

Rather than consider the entire roof when estimating a job, roofers often focus on a single area. That is, they make phased estimates when they are large projects.

If the owner wants a global estimate, that can also be done but the company may ask for money for it. Everything will depend on the way the roofing company works and what is agreed with the owner.

Since you know that some companies make estimates for free, you may now be wondering…

When should I request one?

Well, the truth is some signs and alarms on your roof will let you know. Here is a guide.

When Request a Roof Estimate?

A roofing estimate is a cost-effective or free evaluation that will help you check the current condition of your roof. You may also need one if you want to build a new roof and learn about different roofing materials.

If you are sure something is wrong with your roof, maybe you need a roof repair. The best you can do is request a quote. Don’t expect the problem to get even bigger.

A roof estimate is the best option for your property if you have a leak or have noticed missing shingles.

Pros and Cons

Pros of Roof Estimate

Compared to a roof inspection, the cost is often the main advantage of a roof estimate. Typically, roofers will provide free quotes.

You can try to haggle the cost of your roof estimate if they don’t.

Roofers often focus on one spot instead of inspecting the entire roof. This is another benefit of an estimate over an inspection is the time.

Cons of Roof Estimate

There is a common misconception that all roofing quotes are equivalent, but this is not so.

Although free estimates of ceilings are frequently available, the variance in those estimates can be very large.

The number of employees varies between roofing companies and this impacts the price. Prices can also be affected by a company’s possession of modern tools.

That is why between one company and another the estimate for the same project can vary enormously.

The price also depends on the guarantees and the materials used.

You are clear about what a roof estimate is, and its pros and cons. Now you will surely be asking yourself what a roof inspection is.

Here I explain it to you.

What does a roof inspection consist of?

Roof inspections consist of checking your roof in-depth, this is done by an expert professional.

Typically, a roofing professional will go to the property site and assess the roof. This is to determine what conditions it is in and what improvements to recommend.

A roof inspection is to look for possible problems in the roof. They can be leaks, humidity problems, broken tiles, cracks in the ceiling, and damage from external elements, among others.

Pros of Roof Inspection

Comprehensive roof inspections look at the structure of the roof to find potential problems.

The areas most prone to damage can be examined with great precision using this comprehensive analysis.

It allows us to visualize damages to act in time and prevent it from becoming a bigger problem.

The average cost of a roof inspection ranges from \$200 – \$300, so people can pay it without major problems.

Cons of Roof Inspection

There are very few negative aspects of a roof inspection.

In the best case, the roof doesn’t need any repair and people will lose money from the inspection. However, it will give the peace of mind to know that the roof is in good condition.

If the roofer doesn’t find the fault in the roof as easily, the inspection may require a lot more work.

In case the problem with the roof is very big, the inspection may be extended. This could increase inspection time and possible costs.

Now that you know a little about each option, you are surely wondering about the difference between the two. Find them here.

Differences between roofing estimate and roofing inspection

Professional roof inspection in Dublin

Choosing the best one for you depends on your exact roof problem.

It is preferable not to waste time on the inspection and start requesting roof estimates as soon as possible. This is if the roof is damaged or in difficulty.

The cost of repairs to a specific and well-known problem with your roof can be estimated using a roof estimate.

When something is wrong with your roof and you need to know more about it you should have your roof inspected. This is the best way to resolve the problem.

Real estate purchases also frequently involve roof inspections. A roofing contractor must inspect the roof because most home inspectors are generalists.

So one is not better than another, each option solves a specific problem. What needs to be clear is which of the 2 solutions is the most appropriate for each case.

My suggestion is, at any warning sign, action must be taken. That is why I agree with what Mahmoud Abbas says:

"If you run from a leaking roof you'll end up with a flood."

The best solution for your roof

A roofing estimate and a roofing inspection each fulfil their role. You will probably find it very difficult to know which one your roof needs if you are not very expert. If you have doubts about what to do, always contact a professional. They will know how to help you without wasting time.


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