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What Are The Best Roof Insulation Options To Consider?


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Installing the roof insulation becomes an emergency if you are building your house or the next season is coming.

To maintain a proper temperature inside your home, selecting the right insulation is essential.

You may know how important it is to select the correct insulation but have no idea how to do it.

Don’t worry, we help you.

Here you will learn which are the best roof insulation options to consider for your project. Just keep reading.

Understanding Roof Insulation R-Values

R value chart

A simple definition of the value of R is that this value represents the heat flow prevention insulation. This value is commonly used in ceilings precisely to measure their insulation capacity.

In both hot and cold seasons, a roof with a proper R factor is essential. It will allow us to maintain an adequate temperature inside our home.

R values below R30 fall on the lower end of the insulation spectrum. An R-value closer to R60 would be ideal for maximum isolation.

Companies generally provide information on the R-values of the roofs they sell and install. Also, they guide owners on the type of roof and proper insulation according to the location of their property.

Now that you know what the R-value means in roofs, learn about the types of roof insulation.


Best roof insulation options

attic insulation dublin

Foam Insulation Spray

This consists of applying a polyurethane or latex spray evenly to the underside of the roof. In addition to serving as insulation, it also fills cracks and prevents moisture from entering the house.

It can be applied to the entire roof or to specific places that are prone to moisture accumulation.

This is one of the most expensive options but one of the most effective.


  • Closes gaps and resists moisture.
    It is durable compared to fiberglass insulation.
  • High R-value insulation is effective


  • It must be installed by a professional.
  • More expensive than blown insulation or fiberglass insulation.

Insulation batts

Insulation blankets are quite a popular option and very easy to install on your own. The material with which blankets are made is fiberglass.

These batt insulation rolls are available in a variety of diameters and R-values.

Insulation can be cut to fit around ceiling joists, but it will not seal as well as spray foam insulation.

This is a low-cost insulation option. But like all options, it has its pros and cons.


  • It has an affordable price to buy.
    Easy to install, you don’t need o to be an expert.
  • Moisture resistant.


  • Available in low insulation (R) values.
  • If you want to improve insulation, several layers of the blanket should be applied.
  • Less energy efficient option.
    It has a strong and irritating odor.
  • Therefore, during installation, it could irritate the skin, eyes, or lungs.

Insulation that is loose-fill or blown in

To fill a large space, such as an attic or basement, blown-in or loose-fill insulation is an excellent choice. This considering that they are made of fiberglass, cellulose, or recycled materials.

A flexible tube can be used to blow it up in the area, allowing a confined space to be isolated.

Total isolation is something that can be regulated quite a bit. This could help you get the right level you’re looking for for your environment.

Despite not being flammable, fiberglass insulation doesn’t work as well in cold regions. In contrast, cellulose insulation is flammable and is stronger than fiberglass. This makes it a better option for colder areas.


  • The R-value or level can be controlled.
    You can cover more space if you want.
    It can be applied in narrow places.


  • It can bring potential inconvenience if you do it yourself and have no experience in the area.
  • Over time the material may deflate.
  • Installation requires the use of safety precautions.
  • It usually brings moisture retention problems.

Insulated structural panels

Insulated structural panels

SIPs, also known as Structural Insulated Panels, have rigid insulation placed between two sheets of plywood. They’re difficult to fit into homes, but they’re a popular and long-lasting alternative to consider when designing a home.

It is sold per square meter at a fairly affordable price. This makes it an option for those on a low budget.

SIPs can significantly reduce energy costs when installed correctly.


  • This is energy efficient so it reduces the cost of electricity bills.
  • It can support quite a bit of weight (up to 70 pounds per square foot).
  • They can be ordered to be manufactured in custom sizes and shapes.


  • Installation is best done during roof construction, not after.
  • Its installation should be carried out only by a professional.
  • Moisture should be avoided.

Boards for rigid insulation

Extruded polystyrene (XPS) or expanded polystyrene (EPS) are the materials used in rigid board insulation. This material is more often used to insulate the interior walls of houses than attics.

The material of the rigid insulation board will affect both the cost and the R-value. Generally speaking, the higher the R-value, the more expensive the rigid insulation board.


  • It is possible to get a high R-value.
  • Suitable for self-installation.
  • It offers very good energy efficiency.


  • Not the best alternative for insulating incomplete attics.
  • Fire retardant chemicals are typically used during installation.
  • These products could be harmful to health.
  • Installation costs are high in large venues.

Before the arrival of winter, you need to have the roof prepared with proper insulation.
Think the opposite of Jim Rohn when he says:

"If it's raining you can't fix the roof, if it's not raining it doesn't need to be fixed"

Anything else to know about roof insulation?
Yes, always think about the quality.

The Qualities Of Roof Insulation

When insulating your home roof for maximum efficiency you should seek advice.

First of all, the thing to do is choose the right R-value insulation for your roof. This will ensure how well the insulation will restrict the passage of heat through it.

The second is to get down to work.

If you don’t know about roof insulation, seek professional help. Choosing bad insulation will lose you money and cause problems in the future.

Your house and its roof insulation will give you the security and peace that you as the owner are looking for. Gretchen Rubin has reason when he says:

"Look for happiness under your own roof."

Select a Proper Roof Insulation

Since you know the importance of roof insulation, you know that you cannot leave that task to just anyone. Even making the selection of the material and type of insulation yourself can be a challenge. Look for support in an expert company, so you will get a guaranteed job.


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