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What Can Damage Your Roof


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The roof of your house deserves care since many elements can affect its structure. If you are one of those people who care about keeping your roof in optimal condition, keep reading. This blog shows you what can damage your roof and what to do to avoid possible damage.

The Main causes of Roof Damage


When there are strong storms the wind can cause damage to the roof and its materials. High winds could lift roof shingles off, or even blow away when blowing hard. Rain or moisture that seeps between the shingles and spills onto the roof or even down interior walls can also cause damage. If you notice loose shingles after a storm, it’s a sign that you need to check your roof. Act early and perform corrective maintenance on your roof.

Hail and Rain

Water is the main element that can affect your house and your roof. Rain damage is rare under normal circumstances if your roof has been installed correctly and is in good condition.

Your roof should allow rain to fall naturally, then accumulate in the gutters and fall to the ground. But there are a number of issues that could prevent water from dripping correctly from your roof. One of them is the inadequate circulation of water produced by the accumulated leaves. That’s why cleaning your gutters in the fall is critical to preparing your roof for the rainy season.

Hail represents the same problem. Too much-accumulated hail on the roof or gutters can cause significant damage if not drained properly. Hail and rainwater must circulate as quickly as possible through the roof so as not to cause wear. If there are signs that the water is not circulating, you should schedule an inspection.

broken roof tile

Ice and Snow

If you live somewhere cold, you might be worried that snow and ice will harm your roof. Snow on the roof usually melts without any problems. However, since snow continually exposes your roof to moisture, any existing leaks could worsen the condition of your roof.

In very severe winters, ice can build up along the eaves when the temperature drops below freezing. This accumulation of snow causes the shingles to lift. Additionally, ice can melt and seep, causing nuisance and damage to the interior of your home and walls. For this reason, you should fix any problems on your roof to prevent water and snow damage before winter hits.


Squirrels, birds, raccoons, and other creatures may inhabit the houses’ roofs. Animals might be entertaining, but they can also damage your flat roof. Nesting is one of the most prevalent issues. Birds might attempt to build nests on your roof in the spring and summer. Mammals may try to find shelter on your roof in the fall to avoid the cold. Additionally, animals may decide to eat on your roof, leaving trash.

To eliminate animals that visit your roof it is best to hire an expert roofer. They usually know the popular places where animals enter and know how to scare them away.

Ultraviolet Light

The same ultraviolet (UV) radiation that can gradually fade the colour of your clothing also damages shingles and other roofing materials. Compared to fabrics, asphalt shingles are much more resistant to UV light and can withstand its effects for a long time.

However, all tiles can split and deteriorate when exposed to the sun’s rays. If that happens, the shingles need to be replaced because they have reached the end of their useful life and cannot be repaired. Asphalt shingle life can be slightly longer in regions with less powerful ultraviolet radiation. However, the risk of wear will always be latent.

Damage Your Roof


Larger trees can generate a problem on your roof. Although trees can add beauty to your property, they can also put your roof at risk from falling leaves and branches. If that tree debris is left on your roof uncleaned, it can cause moisture retention and other damage to your roof. If the wind blows too large branches against the roof surface, the roof tiles can be scratched. Also, they can clog gutters.

Some types of trees can drip sap and resin onto your roof. These compounds have the potential to weaken asphalt and, in severe circumstances, blister shingles. Regular pruning, leaf removal, and periodic inspections are just a few of the ways to protect your roof from tree damage.

Misconceptions About Roofing

Many times homeowners may make selections regarding their roof without understanding how they may affect its performance. For example, hanging Christmas products or lights on your roof or gutter can cause damage. Climbing on the roof without proper footwear can also cause damage to the roof. Even nailing materials to the roof can cause severe damage.

Putting off maintenance and fixing your roof is also a bad decision. For example, delaying the repair of a leak can cause the leak to become more serious over time and begin to cause damage to the interior of your home. So make your roof repairs a priority for your safety and peace of mind. Always seek the advice of a qualified roofer when making decisions regarding your roof.

A bad installation

Not only nature can affect your roof, but a bad human execution can also cause damage. Human labour can make your roof stronger or cause it to collapse much sooner than it should. The majority of the crucial choices that determine how well your roof performs are made during installation.

A roof that was installed incorrectly may not meet your or the manufacturer’s standards. This causes the roof not to last as long as it should, deteriorate much faster, or even leak from the day it was installed. That is why hiring an expert and certified installer is mandatory to have a safe and quality roof.

Bad Repairs

On the internet, there is sadly a lot of bad information concerning roofing repairs. It is advisable to steer clear of do-it-yourself roof repairs and only use qualified, licensed, and insured professional roofers to work on your roof. Unqualified roof repair workers frequently neglect to address the problem’s primary cause. It could be necessary to hire an expert to both discover and correct the problem’s cause and undo the harm caused.

Don’t Wait For a Solution

Now, you know what can damage your roof and what to do to solve them. Your roof should be your priority. If you have leaks or damage to your roof that means your safety and peace of mind will be affected. If you don’t know how to recognize if your roof needs maintenance or repair, seek help. Roofing experts in Ireland are ready to meet your requirement and help you solve your problem.

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