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The cost of roof pricing in Ireland and Dublin


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The cost of roof pricing in Ireland and Dublin

Whether it’s a leaky roof or a missing shingle, roofing problems can cause much stress for homeowners. The first step to tackling any roofing issue is to know what to expect in terms of cost.

This blog will provide an in-depth look into Dublin’s average roof repair costs. From metal roofs to asphalt tiles, we’ve got you covered. We will also tell you the various factors that could impact the cost.

We have also included a roof repair cost calculator for those who prefer a more personalized estimate. We will also answer common questions, such as where to look for roof leaks and whether your insurance covers roof repairs. Keep reading to get clarity on all your roofing concerns.

Roof, Chimney, and Skylight prices in Ireland

Cost Range (€)
New Roof€5000 to €8000
Minor Roof Repairs (e.g., fixing a few tiles)€200 to €1400
Roof Repairs (More significant repairs)€500 to €2,000+
Chimney Repairs€300 to €1,500
New Gutters€20 and €40 per squere meter
Flat Roofs (repairs)€40 to €100 per square meter
Flat Roofs (replacement)€70 to €150 per square meter
Attic Insulation (3 bed semi)approx. €1200
Attic Insulation (4 bed semi)approx. €1600
roofing cost in ireland

Average Roof Repair Costs in Dublin

If you’re experiencing roof problems in Dublin, you’re probably wondering how costly the repair process could be. According to recent research by roof repair specialists, the average cost of minor roof repairs is around €920.

However, minor roof repairs like fixing a few tiles usually cost between €220 and €400. Professional roofers charge between €40 and €70 per hour for their services, which usually include repair work and material costs.

If your roof needs a complete overhaul or re-roofing, the project may cost anywhere from €5000 to €7000, including labour and material costs.

Nevertheless, it’s important to note that the prices vary depending on the task’s issue, severity, and complexity. You may need to contact a professional to assess your roof to get an accurate quote.

Type of Roof RepairCost Range (€)
Professional Roofer Services (per hour)€40 - €70
Minor Roof Repairs (e.g., fixing a few tiles)€220 - €400
Average Cost of Minor Roof Repairs€920
Roof Leak Repair€150 - €500
Missing Tiles or Damaged FlashingUp to €400
Complete Overhaul or Re-roofing€5000 - €7000

Metal Roofs

Metal roofing is a popular roofing material in Dublin and is most commonly used for Gable roofs. While metal roofs are durable and low maintenance, they can be more expensive to repair than other roofing materials.

Metal roofs can rust over time, which can lead to the formation of holes that let water through. The cost of repairing a damaged metal roof can depend on several factors, including the severity of the damage, the type of repair required, and the overall size and complexity of the roof.

In addition, labour costs, company costs, and optional extras can influence the total cost of a new metal roof installation in Dublin. Getting quotes from several contractors is recommended to compare prices and ensure you get the best possible deal.

Type of Metal RoofCost Range (€ per square meter)
Steel Roofing€60 - €120
Aluminum Roofing€80 - €140
Copper Roofing€200 - €400
Zinc Roofing€120 - €200
Tin Roofing€80 - €120

Asphalt tiles

Regarding asphalt tile roof repair costs in Dublin, the average price is about €920. This price varies depending on the roofing issue, with rates typically ranging from €40 to €70 per hour for the roofer’s services. For those considering full tile or slate roofing, the average cost in Dublin hovers around €6,000.

Additionally, the cost of materials for any roofing project typically runs around €1,500. Despite the potential costs associated with roof repair, it is essential to address any issues promptly to avoid more significant damage and expense later on.

Type of Asphalt ShinglesCost Range (€ per square meter)
3-Tab Asphalt Shingles€15 - €25
rchitectural Asphalt Shingles€25 - €40
Premium Asphalt Shingles€40 - €60

Slate Roofs

If you have a slate roof that needs repair in Dublin, the average cost is approximately €920. However, minor roof repairs can range from €220 to €400, depending on the extent of the damage. Labour costs for roofers typically range from €40 to €70 per hour.

For a complete re-roofing project, the cost in Dublin is estimated to be between €5000 and €7000. This includes the cost of materials, labour, and any additional expenses. Regarding slate roofing materials, the cost is usually around €1500.

It’s important to remember that these are just general estimates. The cost can vary depending on several factors, such as the size of the repair or replacement project, the type of roofing material used and the job’s complexity. Be sure to get a detailed quote from a reputable roofing contractor before undertaking any work on your roof.

Type of SlateCost Range (€ per square meter)
Natural€80 - €120
Synthetic€60 - €100
Recycled€50 - €80

Tile Roofs

When it comes to tile roofs in Dublin, the average cost of roof repair is €920. This cost is determined by the time spent on labour and the cost of materials needed for the repair. On average, the cost of tile or slate roofing in Dublin is €6500.

The roof repair cost per hour can vary depending on the roofer, typically ranging from €40 to €70 per hour. Minor roof repairs, such as replacing a few tiles or repairing a small leak, typically range between €220 and €400.

Getting a quote from a trusted professional is essential to ensure you get a fair price for your roof repair needs.

Type of Flat RoofLifespanAverage Roof Repair Cost
Rubber20-30 years€400 - €8,000
Fibreglass?€400 - €8,000

Fascia and Soffits Repairs

When repairing your roof in Dublin, it’s essential to understand the average costs associated with different types of repairs. The typical repair cost for fascia and soffits can range from €300 to €1,500. Specifically, replacing a fascia board can cost between €10-€30 per 8-foot board, and a soffit panel costs around €20 for a 12-foot board.

The average cost for fascia and soffit repairs in Dublin is €1,500-€1,800. However, the roof repair cost can vary depending on the extent of the damage and the roofing material involved.
Patching a hole in a roof can range from €100-€1,000 depending on the size of the hole and the type of roofing material.

It’s essential to hire a professional to assess the damage and provide an accurate estimate for the cost of repairs.

Roofing ServiceCost Range (€)
Fascia Repair€300 - €1,500
Soffit Repair€300 - €1,500
Fascia Board Replacement€10 - €30 per 8-foot board
Soffit Panel Replacement€20 for a 12-foot board
Fascia and Soffit Repair€1,500 - €1,800
Roof Hole Patching€100 - €1,000

Repairing Roof Trusses

Regarding roof repair costs in Dublin, the total price will depend on several factors, including the specific repairs needed and the materials used. Repairing roof trusses, for example, can cost between €1,200 and €2,000 if additional joists are needed to support a sagging roof.

Different roofing materials will also have varying costs, with a wood shake, composite roofing, asphalt shingles, metal, and flat roofs all standard options for roofers in Dublin.

However, repairing waterlogged internal structures can come at a higher price, with costs ranging from €5,000 to €12,000. It is important to note that the weight of the roof material can cause issues with the timber frame, such as slippage and water penetration, leading to further repairs needed in the future.

With all these factors in mind, working with a reputable roofing professional to get an accurate estimate for your specific repair needs is essential.

Roofing ServiceCost Range (€)
Roof Truss Repair€1,200 - €2,000
Additional Joists for Sagging RoofVaries based on specific repair
Wood Shake Roof RepairVaries based on specific repair
Composite Roof RepairVaries based on specific repair
Asphalt Shingle Roof RepairVaries based on specific repair
Metal Roof RepairVaries based on specific repair
Flat Roof RepairVaries based on specific repair
Waterlogged Internal Structures Repair€5,000 - €12,000

Roof Gutters

Roofing ServiceAverage Cost (€)
Roofers' Labour (per hour)€360 - €1,400
Fibreglass€40 - €70
Complete Re-roofingUp to €7,000
Minor Roof Repairs€220 - €400
Repairing gutter damage in Dublin

Where to Look for Roof Leaks

Regarding roof repair costs in Dublin, the average price can vary depending on the extent of the damage and the type of repair needed. However, a good benchmark to keep in mind is around €400-€600 for minor repairs and up to €1500 for more significant damage.

One crucial step in identifying the source of roof damage and minimizing repair costs is knowing where to look for leaks. This includes checking for circular brown stains on the ceiling, examining the felt or membrane underneath the battens, tiles, or slates for holes, and looking for cracked or sliding tiles that can expose the underlying roof and cause leaks.

Other signs of damage include corroded and holed galvanized steel pieces. Consider enlisting the services of a professional roofer to inspect your roof thoroughly to help identify any underlying issues that may lead to costly repairs in the future.

Find out does your insurance cover roof repairs

Signs that your roof needs repair

Regarding roof repair costs in Dublin, it’s essential to consider whether or not your insurance policy covers these repairs. While many insurance companies cover some roof repairs, they may not cover leaks caused by age, wear and tear, or a lack of maintenance.

It’s also important to note that homeowner insurance policies can differ from company to company and even from person to person. Insurance companies may cover the cost of the repairs depending on the situation, but it’s essential to be aware of potential increases in premiums before billing the insurance company.

Ultimately, it’s essential to research and understands your insurance policy’s specifics before relying on it to cover the costs of roof repairs.


Roof repairs are an essential service that every property owner must undertake at some point in time. Property owners who avoid timely repairs or maintenance might pay more for roof repairs than planned.

Therefore, having a ballpark figure for these costs is best to avoid any unwelcome surprises. Different roofing materials, varied sizes of roofs, and types of repair or replacement work can all affect the final cost of a job.

To know more about the costs of different types of roof repair work in Ireland, check out our comprehensive guide.

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